Dear Speaker,

on this page you will find some useful information regarding your participation in Next Generation Mobility, scheduled for May 3rd – 5th 2022. The event will take place in Turin at the Automobile Museum and will be broadcast live.



  • Keynote speeches are 10 minutes
  • All other speeches are 8 minutes
  • It is strongly recommended to comply with the above time frames to give all the speakers the opportunity to present their contents.


  • If the speaker decides to use a Power point / PDF presentation, a maximum of 10 slides is recommended.
  • Remotely, the speaker can independently control the progression of the slides using the Zoom screen sharing function.
  • The speaker can add the event logo to the presentation. It can be downloaded here: https://2022.ngmobility.it/area-media/
  • For the best slide projection during the event, we recommend setting your presentation up for 16:9 – 1920×1080 format.
  • We kindly ask the Speakers who will physically be present at the event to bring their presentation on a USB pen drive anyway.
  • Please, send the presentation as a Power Point or PDF file by April 26th, for backup purposes. Any video embedded in the presentation must be sent as a separate file.
  • The presentations will be published on the event website as Conference Proceedings. If you do not want your presentation to be published or if you wish to provide a different version from the one used during the event, please inform the Organizing Secretariat by May 9th.

In-person participation

  • Speakers have the possibility to participate in the event in person. The event will take place at the Automobile Museum, Corso Unità d’Italia, 40, 10126 Turin.
  • It is strongly recommended to arrive at the location of the event at least 30 minutes before the session starts.
  • We kindly ask you to bring your presentation on a USB pen drive.

Remote participation

  • The video conferencing platform that will be used for the event is Zoom.
  • Discover useful information about using Zoom by clicking the following link: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/201137166-Audio-Video-Sharing
  • Speakers will receive the link to the Zoom meeting by the day before the intervention.
  • On the day of the event speakers should join the Zoom meeting via the link received about 30/40 minutes before the session starts. You will enter a pre-broadcast private conversation mode. The staff will test the connection and will be available for any technical questions you may have.
  • Speakers can independently project and control the progression of the slides using the Zoom screen sharing function.
  • If you have any technical problems relating to the connection or if you need a brief training on how to use the platform, please get in touch with Alberto Boccaccio: boccaccio@clickutilityteam.it

Video recordings of conferences

  • The event will be recorded. Participating implies giving permission for the recording.
  • The recordings of the sessions will be available after the event in the Replay section of the website.
  • The recordings of the individual speeches will be available only for the speakers of the sponsoring companies.


The official event hashtag is #NextGenMobility and the social media channels of the event are listed below: